What our Clients have to say about us:

"Walking into Mondo Research for the first time was like walking into a fairytale wonderland. What could be better than a quality recruit coupled with all of the comforts of home after traveling from city to city and hotel room to hotel room? Mondo's new approach to research facilities is something I beg to see more of in the future and a must use for those needing a location in downtown Los Angeles."
- Brynna McCosker

“When looking for a modern and uplifting facility amid the bustle of downtown Los Angeles, I would recommend searching out Mondo Research. I have received personalized service, a hands-on approach from facility management and excellent catering. Mondo is a refreshing break from cookie cutter corporate facilities where you can imagine you're sitting in your own trendy loft, vaulted ceilings included.”
- Katrina Weagant
Qualitative Market Research Consultant

"Excellent facility, first rate and the food is great too."- Andrew Mars

A partial listing of our Facility Clients:   

Victoria’s Secret
Ketel One
Keep America Beautiful
Limited Brands

What else they can say about Mondo Research:

Mondo Research is Los Angeles’ only green market Research Facility. Mondo Research is fully committed to the preservation of the environment and has made every effort to do our part.

*We strategically located our facility in an urban loft space with little build-out to conserve materials.
*We polished our concrete floors instead of installing carpeting or wood flooring.
*We used raw lumber and low voc paints.
*We had all our furniture flat pack delivered so we could assemble it ourselves.
*We have a 100% recycling policy.
*We buy locally grown, organic produce.
*We carpool.
*We strategically located our facility along the new metro line and encourage all our respondents to take public transportation. Many of them do! No small feat in Los Angeles.
*We use all-natural cleaning products.